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Government Of Assam Border Protection and Development

Border Area Development Programme

Border Area Development Programme (BADP)


The main objective of the BADP is to meet the special developmental needs and well being of the people living in remote and inaccessible areas situated near the international border and to saturate the border areas with the entire essential infrastructure through convergence of Central/State/ BADP/Local schemes and participatory approach.


The BADP will continue to be a 100% centrally funded programme. The Programme will cover all the villages which are located within the 0-10 Km of the International Border, irrespective of the border block abutting on the International Border or not, in 381 Blocks (approx.) and come under 106 border districts of 17 States viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, which constitute the International Land Borders. Priority will be given to those villages which are located within 0-10 Km from the International Border and within that the villages identified by the Border Guarding Forces (BGF) shall get uppermost priority and will be known as strategic villages. Only after saturation of 0-10 km villages, State Governments may take up the next set of villages within the 0 20 Km distance. After saturation of 0-20 Km villages, the State Government may take up the next set of villages within 0-30 Km distance and so on up to 0-50 Km. The State Government shall obtain a certificate from the DLC and after due satisfaction, send the same to the Department of Border Management, MHA that all villages within the 0-10 Km/0-20 Km/0-30 Km/0-40 Km distance have been saturated and respectively next set of villages 020/ 0-30/0-40/0-50 Km distance are considered under BADP. Aerial distance will be taken into account. There too the BGFs will identify villages. For the purpose of drawing the priority, the first habitation/village from the international border shall be treated as 'Zero' "0" line distance and next distance shall be calculated from this village only. The term 'strategic village' will be applied to those villages as identified by the BGFs.

Allocation of Funds to the States:

Budgetary allocation shall be divided into two component- viz. (i) First component being 40% of total allocation for the eight North-Eastern (NE) States (including Sikkim); and (ii) Second component 60% of total allocation for the States other than the eight NE States. Funds shall be distributed separately for eight NE States and other than NE States respectively on the basis of (i) Length of International border; (ii) Population of the Border Blocks; (iii) Area of the Border blocks (all the above three criteria shall have equal weightage). 15% weightage will be given to hilly /desert and Rann of Kutch area on account of difficult terrain and scarcity of resources and higher cost of construction. The smaller States which have less International Border and small population shall be given fixed allocation. The State Governrnents shall manage the funds, within the allocation rnade to the States as per the above forrnula, for the villages located within within the perrnissible distance from the international land border but are not in the blocks which touch the international border.

District Administration, first of all, will find out the resources and do the spatial mapping of the border block(s) covered under the BADP by taking into account the following and prepare block-wise plan accordingly:

(i) The BADP funds will be utilized for undertaking developmental scheme in villages close to the 'Zero' line on the border on first priority.
(ii) BGFs shall draw a list of strategically prioritized villages in their respective areas and forward the same to the District Authorities, State Government and Ministry of Home Affairs. The Strategically border villages, as drawn by BGFs and endorsed by MHA, would be saturated first with respect to developmental activities such as road connectivity, electricity, drinking water supply, sanitation, health, agriculture & allied sectors ,etc.
(iii) After saturating the strategically prioritized villages, other village will be taken up for development.

Empowered Committee:

The policy matters such as the guidelines of BADP, the geographical areas within which the BADP is implemented; allocation of funds, modalities of execution of schemes etc. will be laid down by an Empowered Committee of BADP constituted under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Department of Border Management, Ministry of Home Affairs.