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Government Of Assam Border Protection and Development


  • In the year 1987 the Border Areas Department was created as a new and separate Department for administrative convenience etc. vide notification No. AR.54/86/Pt/5 dated 23/09/87.

    As per the notification the newly created Border Areas Department was to deal with the following subjects-

    • Assam-Nagaland/Assam-Arunachal-Pradesh/Assam-Meghalaya/Assam Manipur / Assam-Mizoram border related matters.
    • All matters relating to border development plan schemes.
    • Documentation of old records/ maps on all boundary matters.
    • Historical research and preparation of reports thereon.
    • Establishment matter in respect of Research Cell.
    • Co-ordination for maintenance of law and order on border areas.
    • Development of border roads/ border outposts etc.
    • Co-ordination in carrying out all plans and programmes of the other Departments in all Inter-State borders of Assam.
    • All matters related to Border Areas and matters related to re-structuring in respect of employment of Police force and deployment of Police force and Armed force.
    • Commission of Inquiry/ Committee etc. constituted either by Govt. of India or by State Government for border areas.
    • Task Force to be constituted for the border.
    • All miscellaneous matters relating to Border Areas.

    By another notification No. 54/86/Pt(ka) dated 23/09/87, the Border branch of the Department of Home & Political was abolished and it was directed that all the Personnel and subjects of the erstwhile Border Branch be transferred to the newly created Border Area Department and as per notification No. 54/86/Pt (kha) dated 23/09/87 till the arrangement was completed the Border Areas Department was to be under the control of the Commissioner & Secretary, Political Department. Thereafter, the Border Areas Department started functioning as a separate administrative unit independent from the Home & Political Department.